Supply Chain / Logistics

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, two particular trends are bringing emphasized, Green and Lean Supply Chain. 21st Century Logistics has helped Clients with the ongoing economic challenges of managing Supply Chains efficiently and effectively. We provide a “New Look” at Cost Management, Inventory Optimization and Transportation for our Clients.

Our Cost Management Goals focus on growing your business, freeing up non – working capital and reinvesting in value added activities that deliver long – term shareholder value.

As a part of the “New Look” we have been ask to provide “Internal Supply Chain Business” expertise from the Supplier through the Customer. As we worked with our Client we have been successful focusing on Inventory Control and Distribution / Transportation.

Optimizing Inventory is one of the easiest ways to save money in your organization, operating efficiently and productively without wasting resources. “Inventory is where the gold is”, by optimizing inventory, organizations have improved customer service levels in some insistence from 10 – 25%.

21st Century Logistics has Partnered with Roadnet Technologies; we have a close Alliance, as we work with our Client to save money. “On – time and in full”, as we reducing spending, improved productivity and Grow Customer Relations. A “New Look” Reverse Logistics, we have work with Client to eliminated waste focusing on returns, refusals and closed accounts.

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